Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Austin Marathon 2007 Race Report

My marathon goal pace was 10:00/mi with a 4:22 time. My general strategy was to take it easy up Congress, take it easy through the exposition hills, and make it across Mopac feeling somewhat fresh. Then I would get back in pace, and try to pick it up in the end if I had it in me, or survive and make it through my first marathon if I didn’t.

I made it up congress pretty well, loved the crowd support after Lamar, and proceeded to the hills. After a brief pit stop on Lyons municipal golf course I started the hills. I got through the hills just fine, really no problems. I got across Mopac and felt very fresh, but with a blister on my left foot. It had recurred a couple of times this month, but it really came back after the hills. I had to stop twice before Great Northern to nurse it, which ate up a lot of time. The 4:30 group was gone, so I pretty much gave up trying to get 4:22 and wanted to make it through the race. No demons came out on Great Northern and my friend Steve took the rest of my cloths.

Then the problems began. I think I took too much gu too early, I took my 4th gu near Northcross, and it had a hard time going down. Once I got to Arroyo Seca I was having trouble keeping Powerade down. My 5th gu barely went down, and I felt like I was going to throw up. I proceeded to North Loop past the Cliff Shot zone, and had recurring bouts of nausea. I had a 6th gu, but was debating taking it and risk throwing up and possibly DNFing, or just rely on PowerAde. I decided to just rely on powerade from then on in. I figured out that if I sipped water and PowerAde, then it went down easier. By 46th street I was going light post to light post. I thought about nothing besides finding a landmark and running towards it. My body and mind was begging me to stop, but I stole one of Andrea’s mantras, and kept repeating “Just keep Running” to myself and played “Eye of the Tiger” over and over again on my shuffle. I did that all the way to the finish line.

I got to that big hill near Hancock golf course, and thought “If I am even considering doing Pikes Peak in August, then I have to run this hill”. So I didn’t walk at all and powered up the hill. From there to the finish was the longest part of the course. Even when I got onto Congress and could see the finish line, I still went from block to block. I cross the finishline and felt pretty good, no dizziness. I was able to get down 6 Tacitos at the Distance Challenge area, but after that my food intake was pretty limited. I was exhausted and whipped out the rest of the day, and was finally able to eat a full meal at around 9pm.

On Monday I felt very good, I had muscle aches of course but my energy level was pretty high. Today I’m feeling a lot better.

My finish time was 4:36:12 10:33/mi. I am very happy with my time, given that it got hot and I didn’t quit. I look forward to beating it next year.

Rough Splits, I forgot a couple mile markers and lapped early/late on some

Mile 1: 10:57

Mile 2: 10:15

Mile 3: 10:04

Mile 4: 10:01

Mile 5-6: 10:05/mi

Mile 7: 10:23

Mile 8-10: 10:26/mi

Mile 11-13: 10:07/mi

Mile 14-15: 10:14/mi

Mile 16: 10:33/mi

Mile 17: 10:00/mi

Mile 18-19: 10:04/mi

Mile 20: 10:12/mi

Mile 21:10:34/mi

Mile 22: 10:40/mi

Mile 23: 11:15/mi

Mile 24:10:49/mi

Mile 25: 11:28/mi

Mile 26:10:07/mi


JohnF said...

Congratulations on your first marathon.

It is odd that I saw you right near the start line, and it appears we crossed the finish line within seconds of each other, but I missed seeing you on the course.

Take a few week's rest, and then you'll be ready to start training for Pikes Peak 07!

MikeW said...

"and played “Eye of the Tiger” over and over again on my shuffle."

hahaah... I feel your pain! I repeated a few songs many many times! That made me laugh out loud here at my desk at work! Well done!